ONE: LogicStateMachine

Easily built StateMachines and visual feedback in ONE!

    • ⭐ Create mighty State-Machines in the Unity Editor
      ⭐ No need to learn a fancy new system - just get started with the Animator
      ⭐ Use your own code base and logic without writing additional scripts
      ⭐ Create a clear and overseeable structure of your program flow
      ⭐ Scalable: control high-level game logic or small entities(e.g. AI behaviour)
      ⭐ Great performance!
      ⭐ Supports multiple Layers and SubStateMachines
      ⭐ Easy debugging with state-tracking and diagnostic reports
      ⭐ Effective Change Management after Refactoring
      ⭐ Comes with many little helpers
      ⭐ Platform independent
  • In Development

    We plan additional Features for ONE. Checkout which new features you can expect.



    The new Diagnostics Update catches errors before you run into them and improves the whole debugging process.



    Introducing Events as a new option for timing State Actions. This update brings more comfort and flexibility



    You want to use your State-Machine in your own asset or just boost its performance a little more? Stay tuned...



    We're planning a community based platform where users can share patterns for several use-cases.

    Sneak Peek

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